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Durable Fence Installation to Safeguard Your Property & Loved Ones

Improve the security and level of privacy in your home while enhancing its beauty and value. At North Jersey Fences in the Chester Township, New Jersey area, we make this possible. Whether deer fencing or pool enclosures, we offer high-level craftsmanship. Along with a free estimate, we give you catalogs where you can choose from different styles of fence. 

Post & Rail Fencing

Great for larger areas where there is a lot of space between houses. Post and rail fencing comes in all shapes and sizes. Our fences are cost-effective and can be made of wood or vinyl. We build fences with vertical posts and 2-4 horizontal rails.

Deer Fencing

Our team of fencing specialists can create all varieties of deer fencing. Ideally, we recommend at least a 6-foot-high fence.

Aluminum Fencing

Used mainly as an enclosure for children, aluminum fencing is attractive and is usually 4-5 feet high. It can also be utilized to enclose pools. We give you the option for the more decorative and ornamental aluminum arch gate.

Chain-Link Fencing

Another cost-effective type of fencing, chain-link is self-sustaining and maintenance-free. It is available in black-coated vinyl, and can last for more than 30 years, making it one of the most durable among all fencing types.

Ornamental Gates

As the name suggests, ornamental gates score high on aesthetics. They have a richer look and are more decorative than regular gates.

Vinyl Fencing

Available in various types and styles, vinyl fencing is easy to maintain. It comes in different colors, including green, black, and red.

Wood Fencing

Because wood can be carved into scallops and other patterns, wood fencing offers different options, much like vinyl fencing. We can also make a composite of wood and vinyl, which is pricier, more durable, easier to maintain, and offers better color protection from the sun. Rest assured that anything done on wood can also be done on vinyl. We can also make solid board fences or ones with spaces.

Arbors & Pergolas

Arbors and pergolas serve as a great entrance to your garden. The fence and gate complete the look.

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